Timmy & friends at Student Day of Poetry! (Left to right: Lorraine, Laurin, Timmy, and Gabby)

Timmy Sullivan is a graduating senior from Burlington High School and a first time member of the school's poetry club, Poetic Ramblings. Through the club he has been awakened to the world of poetry and story slam, using both as vehicles to tell his story and connect with artists. As he begins school at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, he hopes to continue writing and cannot wait for the artistic opportunities college will present. 

"Ode to a Wonderful Relationship" is a poem Timmy wrote in Laurin's Student Day of Poetry workshop "Get Your Ode On" at the Massachusetts Poetry Festival 2016.



You compliment my essence. 
Your unrelenting irresistibles
not resisting
my appetite to
hold you,
carve you to be my own. 

You hide yourself. 
You shield your innermost
colors under your rough skin,
texturing your body to
protect your most
vulnerable parts by those who will
abuse you
use you
cut you up and
exploit your tenderness.

But you let me cut you.
Allowed me to peel back
all your layers, 
reveal your colors and

You reveal to me, late and
during momentary intimacy
forged from my inability to
share you with the world, in my
lust for you, you show me
You radiate like a jewel
more precious than
Diamond, you are

For to be green is to be
full of color and life, 
opaque with complexity and as
natural as the leaves on the trees. 

But like those leaves you are
seasonal. Your temperament becomes
too temperamental. Others refuse to
handle you when it isn't convenient.
They discard you for your
Judge you by the
pigment of your skin,
Refuse to explore your layers
the way you let me. 

If only they knew to look
beyond your bruises and
scars, to rid you of your
shell and to find your
delicate interior,
encounter your
magic touch
and relish in your
thick curvatures. 

They can trust you with their lips,
Trust you with their bodies, for you are
You are revitalizing. 
You are
an Avocado.