Timmy & friends at Student Day of Poetry! (Left to right: Lorraine, Laurin, Timmy, and Gabby)

David Baek is a graduating senior from St. Mark’s School and a member of the school’s senior poetry elective, News that Stays News: Poetry. He has found various styles of poetry, from T. S. Eliot to Emily Dickinson, and uses them to create stories never heard before. As he begins school at Brown University, he hopes to continue writing and to learn how to communicate feelings and thoughts effectively.

"I Prefer..." is a poem David wrote in Laurin's Student Day of Poetry workshop "Get Your Ode On" at the Massachusetts Poetry Festival 2016.

I Prefer…

I prefer chalks rather than dry erase markers.
I prefer romance comedy.
I prefer to stay humble.
I prefer not to joke during serious situations.
I prefer to think differently,
           and that I am the only unique David in this world.
I prefer walking the path of the cherry blossom to taking a space shuttle to the moon.
I prefer duets.
I prefer to live every day to the fullest and best of my ability,
           not to do so would be throwing my gift away.
I prefer the hard days of my junior.
I prefer the joyful times of my senior year.
All put together, I prefer to be who I am right now.

About Student Day of Poetry, David says:
I felt very fortunate to have experienced this workshop. I have never seen anything remotely close to the world of poetry except for what I have seen that day. It changed my perspective of poetry, and that poetry can be whatever I like it to be. I certainly learned that rather than tailoring words to make beautiful poetry, I can tailor poetry to be the beautiful part of me.